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Rishi Kapoor Movies Watch Online YouTube

Rishi Kapoor Movies Watch Online YouTube

Rishi Kapoor Movies Watch Online

Friend, if you want Rishi Kapoor movies watch online on YouTube than you are on right place. Here you get the links of all Rishi Kapoor movies on YouTube.

Hello Friends, इस पेज़ पर आपको YouTube पर uploaded Rishi Kapoor की Movies के links मिलेगें। हमने केवल उन्हीं videos के links दिए है जो कि पूरी तरह से officially हैं और किसी द्वारा copyright का उल्लंघन करके नही डाले गए।

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Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube Tawaif

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A bookstore employee falls in love with an author and wants to win her over. A gangster forces him to watch over an attractive prostitute and his neighbours assume that she is his wife.

Release Date : 22 March 1985 (India)
Director : Baldev Raj Chopra


Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube Henna

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A man on his way to wed to his lover meets with an accident, falls into the river, and is swept from India into Pakistan. He’s nursed back to health but looses his memory and almost weds his saviour.

Release Date : 28 June 1991 (India)
Director : Randhir Kapoor

Prem Rog

Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube Prem Rog

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Devdhar vows to bring happiness back in Manorama’s life after she is widowed. This leads him to face the wrath of his family and his villagers.

Release Date : 31 July 1982 (India)
Director : Raj Kapoor


Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube Banajran

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Two lovers who were separated are reborn but still face opposition in their current life as they are betrothed to others and their fathers try to separate the two again.

Release Date : 8 November 1991 (India)
Director : Harmesh Malhotra

Saajan Ki Baahon Mein

Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube

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Lovers Sagar and Sapna separate due to her father’s opposition and meet after many years. But their chances to unite are once again weakened since Sagar is all set to marry Kavita.

Release Date : 28 July 1995 (India)
Director : Jai Prakash

Saajan Ka Ghar

Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube Saajan Ka Ghar

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Laxmi’s mother dies during labour. She grows up to be a beautiful woman who is ignored by her father and abused by her stepmother. Will fate make a change in her married life or will it repeat itself?

Release Date : 29 April 1994
Director : Surendra Bohra


Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube Gurudev

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Dev and Guru are childhood friends. Dev grows up to become a police inspector, while his father Parshu Ram is associated with an underworld don, Kakhan, who happens to be Guru’s father.

Release Date : 1993
Music Director : R. D. Burman


Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube Daraar

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Raj Malhotra, a wealthy man, falls in love with Priya Bhatia, a real estate agent, as soon as he meets her. When he proposes to her for marriage, he discovers that she is already married.

Release Date : 5 July 1996 (India)
Directors: Abbas Burmawalla, Mustan Burmawalla

Azaad Desh Ke Ghulam

Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube

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Bharti, a law student, finds out that her father has become rich by using illegal means. She kills her father and tries to escape, but her maternal uncle plots against her.

Release Date : 1990
Director : S. A. Chandrasekhar

Ghar Parivar

Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube

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Shankar loves his stepbrothers more than his own son. But the happy family disintegrates due to the vested interests of one of the brother’s wives and a greedy moneylender.

Release Date : 1 January 1991
Director : Mohanji Prasad

Bade Ghar Ki Beti

Rishi Kapoor Movies YouTube

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Mala is a poor girl who marries into a wealthy family at the behest of the patriarch. However, after his death, she must deal with abusive relatives and yet strive to restore harmony in the family.

Release Date : 7 April 1989
Director : Kalpataru

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